Augmented reality enables us to view digital information and the world around us at the same time. This technology has been developed for many years by cutting-edge companies that build innovative and expensive platforms. No one knows when this technology will be in reach for the general public.

With us – you can have it today!

VActive  is bringing you an augmented reality experience in the most cost effective and enjoyable way—today! With VActive headset, you can practice your favorite sport while you move in all directions, watch movies or learn to cook. There are no batteries, adapters, or special operating systems. Just put your mobile device in place, and you're ready to go!

So what are you waiting for?

Available Globally

This App provides you with supreme exercise from the best instructors.

When you use our VAtcive Headset, you can turn your smartphone into a powerful Augmented Reality Device and perform 360 degree training while the instructor accompanies you everywhere you go.


• Video Lessons using Augmented reality

• Progress tracking 

• Voice activation 

• Chat with the instructor

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